Our Mission


IBS is a chronic and painful problem that affects 400 million people worldwide and 30 million Americans, or 10% of the population. IBS symptoms include chronic abdominal pain, bloating and irregular bathroom patterns (diarrhea, constipation or both).  The most common disorder seen by gastroenterologists today, IBS accounts for more than 28% of GI doctor visits and 12% of all Primary Care Physician visits.  

Enter metaMe Health.  Located in Chicago’s premier healthcare incubator MATTER, metaMe was created to help this large segment of the population gain much-needed relief from IBS.  Instead of drugs, which only are effective on about 25% of people, the company provides relief through a prescription-only digital therapeutic called Regulora™ for IBS.  Based on a brain-gut treatment protocol developed at the University of North Carolina, Regulora for IBS is the company’s first digital therapeutic under review for FDA clearance. 

metaMe Health Founder Danny Bernstein, who has suffered from GI disorders including IBS and Crohn’s disease since childhood, believes timing is right for a 21st century approach to providing IBS patients with easy access to a clinically proven therapy.  

With fewer than 100 GI therapists in the United States currently trained in gut-directed psychotherapy protocols, metaMe’s Regulora for IBS helps solve this problem by removing the geographic barriers to treatment for patients while maintaining rigorous scientific and clinical standards.  Most importantly, Regulora for IBS is backed by research showing it will be more effective and less expensive than any IBS drug: 70% effectiveness with average of 50% symptom relief that lasts for years.