Regulora™ for IBS

Regulora™ for IBS is a prescription-only digital therapeutic for the clinically proven treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). metaMe’s flagship product is currently undergoing development and study to gain FDA clearance.   

Regulora™ for IBS is based on an exclusive worldwide license for the digital administration of a brain-gut treatment protocol developed at the University of North Carolina more than 20 years ago. Delivered through a secure HIPAA (health privacy)-compliant online platform that IBS patients can assess through their computer and/or smartphone, patients participate in seven automated digital therapy sessions over three months guided by qualified therapists trained in gut health. Daily 15-minute practice exercises and a program booster are also included.


The digital program has been designed to support high adherence and to track patient-reported outcomes using clinically validated assessment tools. The final patient report is forwarded to the referring physician showing both symptom severity and patient adherence to the program’s components.

metaMe is currently conducting a Regulora™ for IBS pilot program in conjunction with Northwestern Medicine, Stanford Health Care, Harvard Medical Center, the University of Chicago Medicine, and the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.