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metaMe Health Raises $2.2 Million to Bring Its IBS Solution to Market

The launch of Regulora will provide accessible pain relief to the 10-15% of U.S. adults who live with IBS

CHICAGO (March 15, 2022) — metaMe Health, Inc. (metaMe), a Prescription Digital Therapeutics (PDT) company and developer of Regulora®, the first FDA-authorized PDT specifically for abdominal pain associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) in adults, today announced that it has received $2.2M in funding in a bridge round led by Hyde Park Angels (HPA), with additional investments from individuals. The funds will be used to continue preparation for Regulora’s market launch and to build out metaMe’s commercial infrastructure.

For the 10-15% of U.S. adults living with IBS, daily life can be painful. IBS, a chronic condition of the gastrointestinal tract, is the cause of between 2.4 and 3.5 million doctor’s office visits each year. Researchers have found that patients would be willing to give up 10 to 15 years of their life expectancy if they could have an immediate cure for IBS and its associated symptoms. On top of that, IBS, because it is not well understood by the general public, is widely stigmatized, which adds to the burden of those who suffer from it.

metaMe’s Regulora provides relief to these patients through Gut-Directed Hypnotherapy (GDH), available conveniently through a smartphone app. The app guides patients through seven treatment sessions and additional practice sessions over the course of three months, helping promote healthier control of digestive tract function and mitigate pain sensation. GDH has been shown to produce positive outcomes for those living with IBS, but has previously been inconvenient for many patients, as it has required in-person visits with licensed therapists. With Regulora, patients can access treatment privately from anywhere at any time, empowering them to improve their quality of life without hassle or fear of stigma.

“We are thrilled to have the support of HPA as we prepare for the launch of Regulora,” said Tim Rudolphi, CEO of metaMe Health. “We believe that Regulora is poised to change the lives of the millions of Americans who suffer from IBS. HPA’s support provides the capital and expertise we need to prepare for launch and raise our Series A funding.”

With the funding announced today, Ken Greisman, the deal lead from HPA and a veteran of the pharmaceutical industry, has joined the metaMe board of directors.

“Considering that millions of patients suffer from IBS, that Regulora treats all three subtypes of IBS, and that it delivers a proven therapy in a convenient way, we are eager to support metaMe,” Greisman said. “We are confident that Tim and his team have the expertise necessary to launch and grow Regulora and future products, thereby improving the lives of a vast number of patients.”

In the coming months, metaMe’s team will build on this momentum as it prepares for the commercial launch of Regulora, slated for the second half of 2022. The company will also recognize IBS Awareness Month in April to help elevate public understanding of this chronic condition and how it affects people’s lives.

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About Regulora

Regulora is a digital therapeutic mobile app that is downloaded onto an Apple or Android mobile device. Regulora provides seven 30-minute sessions of remote behavioral therapy based on Gut-Directed Hypnotherapy (GDH), which are administered over a period of 12 weeks. Prior to Regulora, GDH therapy would be provided only via a trained clinician in a medical clinic.

About metaMe Health, Inc.

metaMe Health, Inc. (metaMe), is a U.S. company that develops Prescription Digital Therapeutics (PDT) for the treatment of common chronic conditions. metaMe’s initial digital solutions aim to relieve the pain and disruption of everyday life experienced by millions suffering from gastrointestinal disorders. By allowing patients to be prescribed treatment confidentially and to undergo treatment privately at home, metaMe offers non-drug options that provide relief in a familiar, comfortable environment. For additional information, please visit or follow @metaMeHealth on Twitter and metaMe Health on LinkedIn.

About IBS

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a chronic condition that affects 10-15% of adults in the United States. The central symptom is abdominal pain, which is accompanied by diarrhea (IBS-D), constipation (IBS-C), or mixed periods (IBS-M). IBS has a severe impact on quality of life; IBS sufferers say they would give up 10 to 15 years of their life expectancy if they could have an immediate cure for IBS and its associated symptoms. Symptoms are mediated by a dysregulation of the sensory and motility signaling between the brain and the gut and exacerbated by cognitive, behavioral, affective, and physiologic factors. The annual cost of IBS treatment in the United States has been estimated to be between $1.7 billion and $10 billion in direct costs, with total indirect costs of $20 billion.

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