Our Mission

We Enable Access to Proven Treatments

metaMe Health develops FDA-cleared digital therapeutics for the treatment of gastrointestinal (GI) conditions. Our lead product is Regulora™, a fully digital behavioral intervention for the treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).  Remarkably, IBS is the principal reason for 12% of all primary care visits and 28% of visits to GI doctors. Pharmaceutical companies have developed drugs specifically to treat IBS, including Xifaxin, Linzess, Amitiza, and Viberzi. Pharmaceuticals are currently the most common treatment, with sales totaling over $2B per year. However, drugs are expensive with frequent adverse effects and poor efficacy against abdominal pain, the primary patient complaint. Given the problems with pharmaceuticals and the robust outcomes with GDH one might ask: Why is GDH not more widespread? The major barrier is patient access. There is a paucity of GDH-trained psychologists and physicians, and those with training are almost exclusively located in academic centers. Regulora fills that gap by offering a mechanism very familiar to doctors: writing a prescription. As a digital solution, Regulora is limitlessly scalable. Further, payors currently reimburse in-person GDH. Reimbursement for Regulora will be further incentivized by direct cost savings, reduced doctor visits, reduced specialist referrals, and fewer drug prescriptions.

In addition, we have treatments in our digital therapeutic pipeline for GERD (heartburn) and IBD. While 30M Americans that suffer from IBS, another 1.6M suffer from IBD (Crohn’s and Colitis) and 40M suffer from functional GERD (heartburn) for a totals over 71 million people, about 20% of the US population.