NIH Awards metaMe Health $243,000 Grant


Chicago-based metaMe Health received a grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for more than $240,000 to perform real-world testing on the company’s metaMe Connect digital therapeutics platform.  Pending FDA clearance, the first digital therapeutic to be released on the platform will be Regulora™ for treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

The NIH grant is for a one-year, 40-patient trial to understand how patients, providers, and prescribing physicians use and interact with metaMe’s proprietary software.  The goal of the study is to understand feasibility and acceptability of the digital delivery system among all user groups, but not to demonstrate clinical efficacy of Regulora.

“We’re excited to receive this grant as further validation of our all-digital platform for the treatment of IBS,” said metaMe Health CEO Tim Rudolphi.  “The data from this trial will allow us to make critical product usability refinements before we go to market.”

More than 30 million Americans, or about 10% of the US population suffer from IBS.  Regulora™ is the first digital implementation of a behaviorally-focused treatment that addresses the cognitive, behavioral and affective drivers of IBS.  Regulora is based on an IP-protected fully standardized intervention.

Shawn Thurlow